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PFM Fleet Service - About Us

Take the pain out of maintaining your commercial vehicles.


  • Zero Downtime Service

  • Auto, Truck and Trailer Repair

  • Nights & Weekends

  • Mobile Service

  • Fleet Specific Specialists

  • Contactless

  • Cost Effective

  • Telematics (Tracking/Usage Based Maintenance)

Our priority is making your task of fleet maintenance a breeze. PFM's specialized on-site fleet maintenance service, which includes extended hours and weekends, is designed to take the pain out of fleet management. Gone are the days of having your employee drive a fleet vehicle to a repair shop, wait on it to be serviced, and then drive it back to your business. This can easily waste an entire day, quickly adding up to a large amount of lost money, wasted fuel, and down time every month. Let us come to you and perform the maintenance while the vehicle is already down for the day or weekend. This allows your fleet to experience virtually no downtime while keeping up to date on required maintenance.

Specialized Full Fleet Maintenance

Most shops view commercial vehicles as something that can be placed on the back burner, taking care of urgent non-fleet vehicle repairs first. For a fleet, this leads to excessive down time and lost money. It's time to change this. We provide unparalleled focus and dedication to you, the fleet owner/manager. Let our mobile fleet maintenance solutions take some of the burden off of you. 


Mobile Maintenance

You shouldn't have to take your fleet in for service. Let an ASE certified technician arrive at your location and professionally service your commercial auto, truck or trailer on site. Over sized drain pans, protective coverings, and pads protect your pavement from spills or damage during service.


Electronic Estimates, Invoices, & Billing

We know your time is valuable. You can view estimates, approve or decline work, and pay your invoice all from your computer or smart phone. No calling, or in person transactions required, unless you prefer, of course! 

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